My name is Catherine and I am a Whidbey Island based designer, originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I've worked on everything from print design to web design; branding, social media strategy and design, event-driven campaigns, and book and magazine layout. I have touched a huge range of clients from small shops and businesses, to Harvard Law School, Microsoft, Zillow and Google. 

I am a problem solver, a perfectionist, and often used as a secret weapon within design teams because of my ability to brainstorm and strategize, with a huge passion to relate to every brand.

My favorite part about being a designer is getting excited with you about where we can take your brand and your mission. I am a people person by definition and I love being able to meet when it allows so that we can both get a much clearer sense of what you're looking for and how I can help make it look amazing!

Things that I love:

Exploring, writing, nerdy things, haikus, tree-houses, learning new things, island life, bookstagram, my husband Andrew, and my dog, Atlas.
I also make art and keep an Instagram account dedicated to the books I read.