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Catherine "Cade" Roach
Founder & Creative Director

Cade is a Whidbey Island based designer, originally from Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 2015, they decided to step down from their role as Art Director for a marketing agency in Seattle to pursue their own business and dream where they would be able to have more time to work with businesses and nonprofits that were truly making a positive impact in the world, and that they felt passionate about. 

Cade has touched everything from custom illustration, print to web design; branding, social media strategy and design, event-driven campaigns, and book and magazine layout. They have worked with a huge range of clients from small shops and businesses, to Harvard Law School, Microsoft, Zillow and Google. Cade is a problem solver, a perfectionist, and is often used as a secret weapon within design teams because of their ability to brainstorm, empathize and strategize, with a passion to relate to every brand and bring heart their mission.  

Things Cade loves: Boxing, exploring, writing, nerdy things, haikus, treehouses, learning, #islandlife, her husband Andrew, and her dog Atlas. Cade also runs a literature-inspired shop and keeps an Instagram account dedicated to the books that they read.

Dylan Shippee
Senior Designer

Dylan is a Seattle based designer originally from Rhode Island. He met Cade 12 years ago and it wasn’t long before he realized they would make the perfect team. Dylan has worked on a wide variety of projects from directing video shoots and leading social media campaigns to running a small screen printing studio. 

Things Dylan loves: Volkswagens, finding new camping spots, rally racing, rollerblading, cooking on the ole Smokey Joe, being near water, Narragansett beer, and coffee milk.